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New Delhi, 14th December 2007


I am happy to participate in the celebrations of the National Energy Conservation Day. I congratulate all those who have been awarded for their outstanding contributions to energy conservation. Your efforts are important to us and I hope that you will continue to excel. Today is an important occasion to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development and inclusive growth by using our precious energy resources effectively and efficiently.

Each one of us present here is fully aware and committed to bringing about a greater efficiency in the use of energy resources in all our activities - be it at home, at work, in our offices, on the road and in agriculture, or in industry. I believe that each one of us also has the responsibility to help spread the message about the efficient use of energy and its conservation to each and every citizen of the country. Each individual can be a motivator for energy efficiency and such like-minded individuals can join forces to launch a national energy efficiency movement.

Energy plays a key role in achieving the goals of sustainable development and poverty eradication. We are faced with the formidable task of meeting the increasing demand for energy. The effort would be three pronged - to enhance supply, use resources available in an optimal and economical manner and on the demand side look at ways to save energy. Technological advances can contribute in large measure to this process. Energy efficient equipment should be manufactured both for industrial and domestic use. Similarly, the process of manufacturing should be such that it cuts down on energy consumption at every stage. We would also have to ensure that there is better distribution of electricity as there are a large number of instances of power loss in transmission and there are also cases of power theft. All these issues need to be addressed. We must educate our people that energy is a resource that needs to be used judiciously. There are multiple requirements for energy and all citizens have a duty not to waste this precious resource.

Increasing access to energy and enhanced energy efficiency is important for our development. Our own policies for sustainable development are by way of promotion of energy efficiency, increasing the share of renewable energy and changing the fuel mix. Fossil fuels will continue to play a dominant role in the energy mix in decades to come but the development and use of advanced and cleaner fossil fuel technologies should be increased. The sharp increase in energy prices has resulted in a renewed focus on energy diversification and efficiency. Promoting increased research and development in the field of various energy technologies in particularly renewable energy and advanced energy technologies can help in augmenting sustained and secure supply of energy.

Even though India's per-capita emission of green house gases is much less than those of developed countries, in this age of climate change, as citizens of the globe, all of us need to make efforts towards energy conservation. Efficient use of energy is itself a mechanism for reducing global warming. I would call on all individuals, businesses, corporate organizations, Government offices and others to look at their energy consumption patterns and cut out wasteful expenditure of energy. Over the past few years several energy efficient gadgets have been introduced that curtail electricity consumption. Continuous R&D efforts should be made for making available machinery, vehicles and gadgets that have lower energy intensity. I strongly urge all large public and private buildings in the country to find scope for energy savings in their premises and to implement measures to achieve these savings. The energy savings movement in buildings needs to grow exponentially. Regular energy audits are very useful in monitoring progress made in this regard. Energy thus saved could be made available for those who do not have access to it or have a greater requirement for energy.

At this function today, I am very happy to see the representatives of industries here, who are being honoured for their energy efficiency achievements. I hope that you will also motivate and stimulate other industries in your own sectors for similar achievements. Industry today accounts for over 40 percent of the commercial energy use in the country and their energy efficiency efforts not only help them in increasing their own competitiveness, but also help in mitigating pollution.

Transport is a sector in which there will be increasing demand for energy. It is important to develop energy efficient vehicles as well as better fuel mixes. Effective mass transport systems like metro and bus services should be a priority to reduce the number of single person used vehicles.

I urge all private and public sector undertakings to redouble their energy conservation efforts and to participate more aggressively in the National Energy Conservation Awards Program in the years ahead. Their achievements will be a great source of pride for us and will also provide great impetus to the national energy efficiency movement.

Finally, I want to congratulate all the children who took part in the National Energy Conservation Painting Competition. I saw the prize-winning paintings, and am now firm in my belief that each one of you is an important partner of the Energy Efficiency Movement. It is important to develop from an early age a way of living that conserves energy and inspires others, even elders, to live a life that encourages energy savings. To my young children your behaviour and your actions will guide the future of our nation.

I again remind each individual to implement at least one major change in lifestyle that promotes energy efficiency and also influence at least one more person to do the same. We must encourage all to buy energy efficient products, live and work in energy efficient buildings, and enjoy an energy efficient lifestyle. In this way the energy efficiency movement will multiply manifold through our cumulative actions.

Thank you.


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